Pink Bandana’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for young women and families age 40 and under.

While uncommon, breast cancer does affect women under the age of 40 and there is little communication and educational material for these women. Breast cancer is dramatic for any woman, but younger women face a variety of different challenges. They are often just starting their life, and facing issues such as mastectomies or financial burdens can be overwhelming. These issues cause added stress to a young woman’s life when she should be living her life to the fullest. It’s our goal to help our recipients handle some of the burdens, so they can recover and move on with their lives.

Play Dirty & Feel Good About It

Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament

Second weekend of July annually

The Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament is Pink Bandana’s signature event. The tournament was founded in 2008, and continues to grow. Each year new recipients are chosen to receive funds from the proceeds of registrations. Last year two recipients received $10,000 each, and even more money was raised for other charitable purposes. The purpose of the tournament is to give its participants a fun and affordable way to make a difference in someone’s life. The motto “Play Dirty and Feel Good About It” represents the attitude of the organizers, the volunteers, the participants and the recipients.

Tournament Date: July 9, 2016

Registration Opens June 7 at 7:00 pm.


Recipients – who it’s all for