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2023 Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament

July 8, 2023 | Prague, Nebraska

The 2023 Tournament is back at full strength. Everything you love is coming back - the camping, canopy village, breakfast, concession, kolaches, and giant yard games...but we are adding a twist...MORE PLAY!!

We are reinventing the tournament to become a Triple Elimination Tournament.
Three games are guaranteed. Not only that...but we are also going to play to rally scoring to 25 in the winner, 25 in 1st loser bracket, and 15 in the elimination bracket

With this new format, we are only accepting 160 teams, so get your team in! 
Team Registration opens May 2, 2023

Let's Play Dirty and Feel Good About it! 

2023 Mud Volleyball Recipient - Kelsey Schiltz

2023 Pink Bandana College Scholarship Application

Applications Available February 1 - April 1, 2023

Raising awareness and funds for women 40 and under battling breast cancer.

Mud Volleyball Details

Our mission at Pink Bandana is to raise awareness and funds for women 40 and under battling breast cancer. 

Diagnosing breast cancer in its early stages can dramatically increase survival chances. Many healthcare organizations promote this message but rarely is it focused on women 40 or under. When we are young, we feel invincible and often ignore signs because we think "I'm too young for..."  Breast cancer is no different. Younger women don't always check for the signs or assume it's nothing. 

Part of Pink Bandana's mission is to help younger women remember to pay attention to the signs, at any age. We've had recipients diagnosed as young as 19 years old. It's our hope that all women, at any age, be vigilant and take any precautions if they notice something different. 

To know what signs to look for we recommend visiting our friends at the American Cancer Society: 

Signs of Breast Cancer

The other part of our mission is to help raise money for families who are fighting breast cancer. Since 2008 we've donated money with no expectations to the families of women who battle breast cancer. Each year we choose a Nebraska recipient to receive the funds for our annual Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament. Each recipient receives $10,000. We also have a $4,000 college scholarship to a Nebraska graduating high school student whose family has been affected by breast cancer. 

At Pink Bandana we are 100% volunteer. We pay no overhead to employees or facilities, which makes donations, sponsorships, and volunteers extremely important. We would be very grateful for any support you would like to give Pink Bandana. Please consider any size of donation, we know there are many great causes so even small amounts are welcomed. 


Raising awareness & funds for young women age 40 and under in Nebraska.

While uncommon, breast cancer does affect women under the age of 40 and there is little communication and educational material for these women. Too often we hear the stories of our past recipients either ignoring a sign or a doctor telling them they are too young to worry about breast cancer. Our youngest recipient was 21 years old, so it can affect young women. We encourage women not to fall into the "too young" concept and be vigilant of the signs. If something seems different, then demand that it be checked out. Too many young women let cancer get established before taking action, which can be too late. 

Breast cancer is dramatic for any woman, but younger women face a variety of different challenges than women that are older. Younger women worry about:

- will I be able to have children after treatment?
- will my career have to wait as I go through treatment?
- how will I pay my bills if I'm single?
- will I need to move back with my parents since I can't work?
- will I find someone after the surgeries and losing my hair?
- will I be too sick to be with my friends and experience things? 

It's our goal to help younger women realize they are not alone and help connect and be there for them. 


Annual Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament - Our Signature Event

Our Impact

  • People Helped

    44 Families

  • Volunteer Board


  • Dollars Raised


  • Tournament Stats256 Team Capacity
    2000+ Attendees

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