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2023 Registration Opens June 6th at 7:00 pm

Mud Volleyball Details

  • $180/Team
  • Coed Team of 6 (3 girls/3 guys)
    • Max of 3 guys in pits during play
    • No max number of people per team
  • Overnight Camping allowed
  • Campers and RVs must RSVP (
    • $25 fee for campers under 40 ft
    • $50 fee for campers 40ft and over
    • RSVP Deadline: July 5, 2022 (or when full)
    • Limited space available
  • No glass is permitted (not even dishes...put your brownies in tupperware)
  • Canopy site claim starts Thursday, July 7th at 6 pm. 
  • No dogs allowed
  • We are not kid-friendly (we love kids- have them - but this is not an event for them)

Raising awareness & funds for young women age 40 and under in Nebraska.

While uncommon, breast cancer does affect women under the age of 40 and there is little communication and educational material for these women. Too often we hear the stories of our past recipients either ignoring a sign or a doctor telling them they are too young to worry about breast cancer. Our youngest recipient was 21 years old, so it can affect young women. We encourage women not to fall into the "too young" concept and be vigilant of the signs. If something seems different, then demand that it be checked out. Too many young women let cancer get established before taking action, which can be too late. 

Breast cancer is dramatic for any woman, but younger women face a variety of different challenges than women that are older. Younger women worry about:

- will I be able to have children after treatment?
- will my career have to wait as I go through treatment?
- how will I pay my bills if I'm single?
- will I need to move back with my parents since I can't work?
- will I find someone after the surgeries and losing my hair?
- will I be too sick to be with my friends and experience things? 

It's our goal to help younger women realize they are not alone and help connect and be there for them. 


Annual Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament - Our Signature Event

Our Impact

  • People Helped

    44 Families

  • Volunteer Board


  • Dollars Raised


  • Tournament Stats256 Team Capacity
    2000+ Attendees

When it comes to saving our planet, small steps make a big impact. Every person can make an effort toward reducing their carbon footprint and living a more altruistic lifestyle for the world.

Take the time to find out how those around you like to receive gratitude, appreciation and love. You’ll find that meeting them with the love language they most appreciate will help strengthen your relationships.

Journaling can not only improve your personal life, but it can also improve your altruistic focus. As it turns out, regular writing in a journal has a lot of surprising mental and emotional health benefits.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

  • Frontier Coop
    Frontier Coop
  • Rentals For You
    Rentals For You
  • tevelde and co
    tevelde and co
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    RTG - Pit
  • Sid Dillion Wahoo - Truck
    Sid Dillion Wahoo - Truck
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    Scheels - Gate