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2024 Rules

Beat Brest Cancer Mud Volleyball

6 x 6 Coed

Official Rules for 2024

  1. NO FIGHTING. This is a fun event for charity. There is no monetary prize for the winner. It’s meant to be a fun day. Anybody fighting will be removed from the premises along with their team, and those associated with them. This is a very serious rule.
  2. All team members must read and sign a release waiver prior to play. Any substitutions must sign the waiver as well. Any player that does not sign a waiver prior to play will result in the entire team being disqualified from play and the unsigned player will be banned from future play.
  3. Shoes are recommended. The organizers and property owners are not liable for any injuries due to players being barefoot. Knee pads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
  4. MINORS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUNDS IF CAUGHT DRINKING. They will be escorted off the premises by security.
  5. Individuals participate at their own risk. You must be 19 years of age to play. 
  6.  If it is your turn to play and your team is not there within 3 minutes you will forfeit that game.
  7. Teams make their own calls. If a call is disputed by the other team & resolution cannot be made, the serve will be replayed.
  8. Officials will not be provided. A member of the winning team will stay to keep score and assist with calls for the following match.
  9. The Team and Players: A team shall consist of 6 players with no more than 3 men in the pit at the same time. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players in the pits and the number of men can never exceed the number of women.  You may play with 6 women if you choose.
  10. There is no guy/girl rule.
  11. TRIPLE ELIMATION. A game shall consist of the first team to 21pts in the Winners bracket, 15pts in the Losers, and the Elimination Bracket. Win by 2 points in each game with a cap at 25pts and 18pts. The Championship game will be played to 21pts with a cap at 25pts.
  12. RALLY SCORING is in effect for the entire tournament.
  13. Rock, paper, scissors for first serve.
  14. Each server shall continue until a "side-out" is called.
  15. If a player serves out of turn, side out shall be called as soon as the mistake is discovered, and any points made on his/her service before the error was discovered shall be canceled. The correct serving order shall be arranged immediately.
  16. It is illegal to block/spike the serve. If service is blocked/spiked the serving team will receive one point.
  17. Point
    1. Fail to return the ball legally to the opponent's court.
    2. Server intentionally serves before the receiving team is ready to play.
    3. Illegal serves. You MUST SERVE UNDERHAND. NO SKYBALLS ALLOWED. Questionable Skyball will be replayed. NO LET SERVES ALLOWED.  A LET Serve is when the serve hits the net and crosses over to the opposing team.
    4. Catch the ball.
    5. Hold the ball (scooping, lifting, shoving shall be considered as holding.)
    6. Strike the ball more than once in succession.
    7. Be the fourth player to play the ball (except when there has been a simultaneous hit).
    8. Touch the net with any part of the body at any time, except when the ball is dead. An effort must be made to stay out of the net. (net calls are difficult because of water), DO NOT HANG ON THE NET.
    9. Reach under the net and touch the ball or a player of the opposing team when the ball is in play on that side, or interfere with the play of the opposing team.
  18. You are not allowed to interfere with the opposing team's play.
  19. A ball that contacts water is in,  i.e. making a splash.  (if it’s wet, it's in)
  20. If only one player is attempting to block and in doing so contacts the ball, he/she is permitted to contact it a second time.
  21. Multiple contacts of the balls are touched by a player during one play of the ball. When a ball rebounds from one part of a player's body to another in one attempt to save a hard driven spike not already touched by a teammate, it is a legal multiple contact and considered one hit. When a ball rebounds from one part of a player's body to another in one attempt to block, it is a legal multiple contact and the team's next play is considered its first hit.
  22. If you have to ask, replay it.​​​​​​​